Meet The Ukulele Makers 2019 will feature a full programme of events, including makers and players workshops, a concert, informal sessions and an open mic.

Events - Timetable

The Festival will officially start off on Friday evening in the meeting room of the Oakley Arms Hotel (at the bottom of the drive to Plas Tan y Bwlch) with an Open Mic interspersed with Festival Song Book items which everyone can play along to.

On Saturday there will be a 'Jam Corner' under the grand stairs, a Jam Bar downstairs and also a No-Mic Invitation Stage compered by Sunny Jim. Half hour slots on the stage can be applied for before the end of April.

Other performers who will be running workshops as well as appearing in the concert include Phil Doleman and Matt Warnes. Collaboration will be a key element of performances.

There will be a selection of makers’ and performers’ merchandise available in the Theatre Foyer on Saturday evening.

STOP PRESS: Unfortunately, Elisabeth Pfeiffer will not be able to attend as she has been involved in a car accident. Updated programme below.

To download a copy of the timetable below, please click HERE.

Friday 31 May
From 3.00pm Pete Howlett ukulele build demo
PLAS TAN Y BWLCH - Theatre Foyer side room
From 4.30pm Residents check in and settle in Reception
Sign- up Sheet for Open Mic
Meet & greet opportunity Pete & Makers Library
Jam Corner with Andy Oakeley Room
5.00-6.00pm Bar open to buy drinks to have with dinner
6.00-7.00pm Residents Dinner in Dining Room
7.30pm Open Mic + Festival Song Book with Andy Webster in The Oakeley Arms
Download the Festival Song Book
Saturday 1 June
From 8.00am Makers Displays set up Library
8.15-8.45am Residents Breakfast Buffet in Dining Room
From 9.00am Pete Howlett ukulele build demo Theatre Foyer side room
9.00am Meet the Makers stalls open: Show, Tell & Sell Library
9.15-10.30am Workshops (1¼ hrs)
Cloth Gig-Bag Making
*no-mic Acoustic Stage with SUNNY JIM
9.15 ?
9.30 Bitter but not Twisted
9.45 Bob G
10.00 Lucinda + Jon + Jeff + Lyn
10.15 PH & Co
Oakeley Room
10.30am Residents Hot drinks break: Dining Room
Non residents: Café open until 4.30: hot drinks etc on sale Cafe
10.45am-Noon Workshops (1¼ hrs)
Choosing Materials
Theatre Foyer side room
Group 2 Festival piece practice
Painted ukes: rosettes
Led by Phil Doleman
Download the Festival Song Book
Oakeley Room
12.15-1.15pmam Residents Lunch Dining Room
Non residents: Café open until 4.30: hot drinks etc on sale
1.30-3.00pm Workshops (1½ hrs)
Theatre Foyer side room
Group 1 Festival piece practice
The Ukulele Players Bag of Tricks (Intermediate)
Oakeley Room
3.00pm-4.00pm Workshops (1hr)
Ukulele Build
Theatre Foyer side room
Group 3 Festival piece practice
Jam Session led by PHIL DOLEMAN
Oakeley Room
4.00pm Residents Hot drinks break: Dining Room
Non residents: Café open until 4.30: hot drinks etc on sale Cafe
4.30pm Bar open
4.30-5.30pm Workshops (1 hr)
Grain Filling
Theatre Foyer side room
Festival piece FULL REHEARSAL
(5.30pm Sound Check - Richard)
(5.45pm Sound Check - Andy)
Jam Session led by DAF ROBERTS
Oakeley Room
6.00-7.00pm Residents Dinner Dining Room
Non residents: suggest pre- booking a meal at the Oakeley Arms or other restaurant
7.00pm-7.45pm Mass Jam Led by Andy Oakeley Room
Makers’ mini stalls & performers’ merchandise Theatre Foyer
8.00pm-11.15pm Concert in the Theatre
MC: Andy
(Bar open all evening)
8.00pm-8.15pm Tom Ziegenspeck
8.15pm-8.45pm Nick Mann
8.45pm-9.15pm Andy Webster
9.15pm-9.45pm Announce Ukulele Winner
9.45pm-10.15pm Phil Doleman
10.15pm-10.45pm Richard Durrant
10.45pm-11.15pm Finale: Festival Composition
Sunday 2 June
8.15am-8.45am Residents Breakfast Buffet Dining Room
9.30am Vacate rooms
10.30am-11.30am Grand Jam/ Big Strum led by Andy & Jim
Oakeley Room
Guided Walk
Café Terrace
12.15noon-1.15pm Residents Lunch Dining Room
Leave premises

To download a copy of the timetable above, please click HERE.

Click HERE to download a plan of the venue showing what is where and HERE for an over all site plan.

Events - Songbook

The Festival Song Book has been compiled from pieces suggested by those coming to the Festival.
Click here to download the Festival Song Book

“Tan y Bwlch”
with Richard Durrant

This new piece is for solo ukulele (played by the composer) and three groups of supporting ukulele players:
1. Intermediate (to fairly tricky)
2. Intermediate
3. Novice to Intermediate (basic chords with specific rhythms)
The players in each group will need to prepare individually in the months leading up to the festival using Richard’s online resources (available on These include a downloadable PDF of each part and clearly made instructional films which encourage each player to memorise their parts and, ultimately, to play along to the complete piece.
At MUMF Richard will work with the groups of players in three workshops and one full rehearsal - all scheduled to take place on the day of the concert (June 1st 2019).

If you would like to take part in the workshops and performance of Richard Durrant’s Tan y Bwlch then please visit his online Academy website and use the tutorial films. The tutorials are not only great fun and very rewarding musically but they are essential if you are going to take part in this piece at the MUMF concert this year. Richard’s advice is to have a good listen to the piece first before choosing which of the three group parts you think you would enjoy playing the most.
The online tutorials include downloadable parts and chord tabs. There is a special souvenir score as well which can be bought here.

Here is how to get started on learning Tan y Bwlch.

Click here for the Richard Durrant Academy home page.
Sign up for an Academy Passport and click on ‘Have a coupon’. Enter the code MUMF2019, make sure the price says £0.00 and you’ll receive three months free access to the entire website.
Please note that you will have to enter your card details, but you will not be charged as long as you use the coupon. You will have to cancel your membership at the end of three months unless you wish to continue.