Artists Appearing

As well as showcasing ukulele makers, MUMF 2109 features leading ukulele players on the Saturday evening.

As well as the pros, you will have a chance to play in Open Mic spots in front of a supportive and friendly audience. So pick your best number and get practicing!

Richard Durrrant

Richard is a pioneering ukulele player. He has performed unaccompanied Bach on this tiny instrument on top of the Itaipu Dam in Brazil. He invented the ever popular Ukulele Circuit Training for players of all abilities. In 2017 Richard was funded by The PRS For Music to write Six Grooves for Ukulele, a 47 minute, six movement ukulele concerto which includes parts for community uke players. This radical work not only places the ukulele centre stage in an orchestral concert but also provides an opportunity for community musicians to work alongside professionals.

“Richard’s synergy of composition and performance make genre classification obsolete. Six Grooves is full of intriguing and catchy musical ideas which transcend the boundaries of academic or popular music – it’s a game changer for the ukulele.” - George Hinchliffe, founder of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Visit Richard's Website

Phil Doleman

Phil’s love of vintage blues, hokum, old-time and jug band music shines through as he blows the dust off obscure old songs and gives new life to classics with his intricate picking and driving rhythms on both uke and clawhammer banjo.

Phil has travelled all over the UK and to Ireland, Germany, Finland and the US performing and leading workshops at festivals, theatres, and clubs. He has appeared on over 20 albums (and a number 2 hit single), performed on BBC radio and TV, taught over 1500 ukulele players and shared stages with some of the world’s finest players.

He is a regular contributor to Uke magazine and is the author of the book “How Music Works On The Ukulele”.

Visit Phil's Website

Matt Warnes

Matt Warnes is a ukulele man through and through - one of only a handful of people in the UK who make their living purely through the ukulele. He is the editor of the UK's dedicated publication for ukulele players, UKE Magazine, and runs World of Ukes, a specialist ukulele retailer in Carlisle.
Matt has also been writing songs for the past twenty-four years, starting with melancholy tunes that he'd play, sitting on his bedroom windowsill, long hair blowing in the wind, hoping to impress any passing girls. Although that was unsurprisingly not a success, he has more recently found a more productive home for his song-writing skills: as a performer with The League of Ukulele Gentlemen, a modern ukulele trio who have toured extensively in the UK and played festivals in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal and Finland.

Visit Matt's 'World Of Ukes' Website

Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Elisabeth Pfeiffer is a solo ukulele player with a strong background in classical guitar. She studied at Lawrence University in the USA and HfM Würzburg, Germany, majoring in classical guitar. In 2013 she took up a ukulele and never looked back. Since then she has written three method books on strumming and picking techniques and fretting concepts.
On stage she mostly performs instrumental pieces, but throws in the occasional song, always looking to add something personal to the piece. Her repertoire ranges from Renaissance music to Jazz and Rock covers, as well as contemporary classical music.

More Artists

More artists will be added here as they are confirmed.

Support Acts

We will feature a couple of support acts at the festival.

These will be detailed here when confirmed.